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"Everyone has probably had the delightful experience of working with those incompetent and arrogant sound guys who think they know it all and have absolutely no teachability nor flexibility whatsoever, right? 'Will they really get what I'm trying to communicate? Can they listen and comprehend the final product here? Will they care as much about the success of this performance as I do? Will they be easy to get along with? Bottom line... CAN I TRUST THEM?' In my opinion, with these guys... the answer is a resounding YES! Thanks guys for making it all come together."

Drew Marshall, Host of The Drew Marshall Show

"O.C. Sound did an amazing job in providing a great sound for each of us performing in the Tsunami Relief concert and the Musical Mosaic fund-raising concert...soloists, small groups, children's choirs, a large mixed choir and a women's barbershop chorus....all with very different needs. No matter what we asked of them, they managed to accommodate our requests, keep us all smiling, and make us sound good! Thanks, Bob and Peter."

- Joan Borden, Assistant Director, Orangeville Sweet Adelines
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"Bob & Peter made our performers sound great. They did a totally professional job and have been a pleasure to work with. All we had to worry about was trying not to freeze up on the outdoor stage!"

- Larry Kurtz, Musical Director, Town of Orangeville New Years Eve Celebrations

"These guys make a solid team and are great to work with ...O.C. SOUND has a track record of commitment to excellence with a great attitude of serving the artist. I have appreciated their knowledge and helpfulness as we have worked together on many occassions. I recommend them to you."

- Jody Cross, Worship Leader & Recording Artist

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